A Questing Knight

by Garadrak

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-A Questing knight-
As the trees rustle in early autumn wind, a questing knight passes by. He seems weary, but the sparkle in his eyes is far from being quenched. Cracked armor and dented, yet well kept blade speak of many a heroic battle.

-Long Forgotten Glory-
As he rides, the knight recollects memories from his glorious past. He rode beside kings and bowed to the fairest of ladies. His banner was known throughout the lands, honored and cherished. But as the time passed, the wheel of fortune decided to leave his glory forgotten.

-Perilous Journeys-
There is hardly a palce the knight has not set his foot on. Be it tall mountains, dense forests of scorching deserts. No obstacle has ever been too much for him to overcome, no foe too strong to conquer him.

-The Oath-
Oath is everything to a knight. When the oath is broken, the sword and shield are broken. Sworn in a young age and kept untill the dying day, the oath is the only thing in knight's life that is unfailing.

-At the Crossroads-
As the knight arrives at the crossroads, he must decide where to turn his horse. The lands have changed since his last visit and every path leads to a different adventure. The knight must choose wisely, for he knows there might not be many more crossroads in his life.


released June 4, 2017

Cover art painting: Viktor Vasnetsov, Knight at the Crossroads



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Garadrak Czechia

Garadrak is a dungeon synth project inspired by European castles, history and fantasy tales. Its stories, however, can take place anywhere, anytime.

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